“We at Anstek Solutions combine top management consulting expertise with the technical capabilities to provide technological solutions to the industry in the field of Sound & Vibration, Tactile Pressure mapping, Test and Measurement equipment,  and Analysis systems.

Our deep industry knowledge enables us to work with our customers to provide solutions that are both practical and implementable with a deeper level of content, setting us apart from other consulting firms.

With over a decade old industry experience with a wide range of high-end hardware and software systems we employ an analytical approach, proven capabilities and most importantly – real industry knowledge to resolve customer problems.

A satisfied customer is the key to our success. This is our motto and we strive for it!”




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NVH Training Courses Conducted


Anstek Solutions has over years of experience in sound and vibration field and is in the fore front of providing technological solutions to the industry in the field of Sound & Vibration, Static & Dynamic Transducers, Test & Measurement Equipments and Analysis systems.

To bridge theoretical concept with practical engineering. Basic concepts and definitions are missed out in routine work and one needs to either refresh the skills or/and get introduced to the subject and understand it.

Engineering curriculum may not offer this as a subject but the industry expects engineers to work towards design or product development challenges. Knowing how’s and why’s is then meaningful, isn’t it ?